Hear from those who were impacted by our formation.


Testimonials from Previous Participants

Janice T., TV Station Manager:  When I found the courage to walk in the door of my parish RCIA in 2003, I had no idea what God had in store for me. I meekly attended Mass  a few times feeling both alien and at home.  When I found out about RCIA I had found my path. This formation provided a real adult-level class and provided an honest and open answers to my questions. I was baptized at Easter 2004 and I am blissfully in love with Our Lord. I am so thankful for our beautiful Church and the empowering knowledge taught in this RCIA process.

Phong P, Husband and Father and banker:  I am so thankful and blessed to have gone through this RCIA program.  It is a thorough program that truly educates you on the teachings of the Catholic Church and Faith.   Eric did a wonderful job planning and organizing the program that it made what seemed like a lifetime to get through go by so quickly.   This course didn’t just help me become Catholic, it established a solid foundation of what it means to be a strong and faithful Catholic.

Juliann J., Mother, Architect:  To know who we are, we start “In the beginning…” (Genesis 1:1). Before entering RCIA, I read that we are called to holiness. This idea was foreign to me. To believe I am made to be holy sets before my eyes the treasure of heaven. My days have become gifts to grow in wisdom, humility, patience, charity and love. RCIA planted the seed of wisdom and God the seed of love.

Jenny S, Wife, Mother, Artist:  Eric is a gifted teacher. He keeps the mood light, while uncovering truths of the Catholic faith that inspire depth of contemplation, and greater understanding of our beloved Church and her history. My faith was deepened with divine grace during and long after Eric’s RCIA class.

Bob and Nancy H., Sponsors:  This program provided us with a deeper understanding of the Catechism, Scriptures and Catholic traditions.  Throughout the program, we became closer to God, more aware of His will in our lives and our need to completely trust in Him.  We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn more about the faith and progress in their spiritual journey.


Recommendations from Parish Catechetical Leaders

Michael Garibaldi, MTS, St. Joan of Arc Parish, Phoenix, AZ:  RCIA Central has proven to be a tremendous help in reorienting Christian Initiation at our parish. Since is not a “program,” per se, RCIA Central offers, through its many wonderful resources, a beautifully integrated vision of what RCIA could be at its best—it offers, as it were, an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Rosemary Peterson, St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Wickenburg, AZ:  RCIA Central speaks to and nourishes the heart, soul, and mind.  It does an incredible job of breaking open the Church’s foundation of Scripture, Tradition and Authority. Because it is presented in a warm and welcoming manner, what begins as a small flicker for knowledge of God and His people becomes a full blown life-long flame of desire to live in the Word of love. I went through all the lessons and at the end of each lesson I felt fed and filled with grace and couldn’t wait to get to the next lesson.



Bishop James S. Wall, Diocese of Gallup.  This program helps participants know and and love Jesus.  As the  former pastor of the parish in which it was implemented, I knew it was  Scripturally sound, catechetically solid, and encouraged lay people to live the Universal Call to Holiness.

Fr. John Ehrich, Priest, Diocese of Phoenix.