RCIACentral.com is an affordable way to supplement your catechumenate.   Like, really really affordable.

Parish Price        NAME YOUR PRICE!       Suggested:  $99.95

Purchasing grants parishes unlimited use of RCIACentral.com videos and materials in their Parish RCIA parish process.  Upon purchase, you will be given a link to our administrative website that includes all our support materials. There you will find to the session videos and support material.  The video link can be used with all your RCIA catechumens, candidates and sponsors.  Before you buy, make sure you can watch our sample video.  Because of the digital nature of our resources, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Add in the amount you’d like to pay.  When asked for “Price Per Item,” enter what you can afford.  Whatever you can do is appreciated!

Upon completion of the transaction, you will be given a link with access to the product.

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Please check out our youth ministry resources at www.ymcentral.com.  Of course I’m biased, but I think they can help…and I’m here to serve.